Back to Business – now as SSAS Maestro!

If you followed my blog in the past you have probably realized that there was no new post since mid of July. Well, there is a good reason for this – I was on vacation for the past 5 months 🙂 . At this point I want to thank my company pmOne for giving me the opportunity to do this!

I used the time to travel around in South East Asia visiting Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam and had an really awesome time and made a lot of good experiences.
During that time I also got the official confirmation that I passed the SSAS Maestro 1.2 certification that I did back in 2011 and that I am now a member of to the small circle of SSAS Maestros – what awesome news during my trip!

Now that I am back again having reloaded all my batteries, I have to catch up what I missed during that time – which is quite a lot (Office 2013, PowerView, DAX on MOLAP, …) – and pick up my old working life again.
These new technologies and tools also offer a lot of potential for future posts – so stay tuned!


Below are also some pictures of my travel, which are, by no means, supposed to make anyone jealous who is still sitting in the office reading this post 😉

CIMG2424 CIMG2979 CIMG4017 CIMG4094 CIMG5048 IMG_0186 IMG_0812 IMG_1274 IMG_2304