Back to Business – now as SSAS Maestro!

If you followed my blog in the past you have probably realized that there was no new post since mid of July. Well, there is a good reason for this – I was on vacation for the past 5 months 🙂 . At this point I want to thank my company pmOne for giving me the opportunity to do this!

I used the time to travel around in South East Asia visiting Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam and had an really awesome time and made a lot of good experiences.
During that time I also got the official confirmation that I passed the SSAS Maestro 1.2 certification that I did back in 2011 and that I am now a member of to the small circle of SSAS Maestros – what awesome news during my trip!

Now that I am back again having reloaded all my batteries, I have to catch up what I missed during that time – which is quite a lot (Office 2013, PowerView, DAX on MOLAP, …) – and pick up my old working life again.
These new technologies and tools also offer a lot of potential for future posts – so stay tuned!


Below are also some pictures of my travel, which are, by no means, supposed to make anyone jealous who is still sitting in the office reading this post 😉

CIMG2424 CIMG2979 CIMG4017 CIMG4094 CIMG5048 IMG_0186 IMG_0812 IMG_1274 IMG_2304

6 Replies to “Back to Business – now as SSAS Maestro!”

  1. Awesome trip!

    So how long in total did it took to wait for results? And what is the main reason of the delay to your opinion?

    • Hi Artem,
      I submitted my work (Casestudy, labs, exam) in September 2011 and received my confirmation in August 2012. There are currently some reviews of older courses going on and there will be some more Maestros announced soon.
      About the delay I heard rumors that the internal budget for the Maestro courses was cut down, but I don’t know whether its true or not

  2. Thanks for the answer, Gerhard! Fair enough.

    It’s sad to hear that money is an obstacle for Microsoft, especially if to take into account that the course is not cheap and it seems costs enough to cover all expenses. Really pitty, I thought the dream is closer…
    It would be very nice of you if you describe, just in common words, how did you apply. There is absolutely no information about how to do it – interesting who instructed those ones who already did? For example, is it just enough to write essay like “I did so many projects, data was so big, I used such an optimisation methods” or an applicant must have a BI-blog and in his career has to solve some number of conceptual problems?

    Thanks in advance,

    • The first courses were organized by Microsoft and there was an application form that you had to fill out and send back to them. The courses in Europe are now organized by Marco Russo and Chris Webb – more information can be found here:
      you will also find some more information about the course and the requiremens there but the easiest thing is to just drop them a mail at

      hope that helps,

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